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Site last changed: October 2022

What's New

October 2, 2022 -- I just noticed that I've been keeping this website going for more than 20 years. My goal here is to list and illustrate hunting, fishing and other nature-related stamps with information such as artist and species where available.

Please (gently) remind me when I get things wrong or am not up to date in an area. My website technology is 20 years old (antique in internet years), but it still works.

All pricing/value information for stamps I don't actually have for sale are GUESSES, and sometimes 20 year old guesses. Having no price specified does not mean that the item is rare, just that I don't really have a basis for assigning a price.

I finally got around to linking the "for sale" items to eBay, rather than -- Stamps2Go was good, but eBay changed its fee structure so that it was rational to list stamps that might not sell for years. They had been charging a listing fee each month for each stamp, and even at 10 cents per listing, that quickly added up. Now they let us list 10,000 stamps per month at no extra charge.

I did spend a lot of time creating "eBay store categories" to separate stamps into (somewhat) logical groupings. Unfortunately, like all of the other eBay searches and stores, there is no way to force the display of items into any specific order. Especially stamps would benefit to a sort by item title, but this does not seem to be in the cards.

September 2022 -- Ira Cotton has published a large catalog of hunting and fishing stamps. It is a worth successor to the Wooton catalog of the early 2000s with additional series and information. - I prefer the spiral-bound version as the pages lay flat for easy reference. - When I can figure out a good link to place here - Ira's Fish & Game Stamp Catalog at , I will add one.

August 2022 -- I am working on two relatively new areas:

"Fire Prevention Week" -- cinderellas of several series -- National Board of Fire Underwriters (NBFU), "National Fire Protectionn Association (NFPA)" and "National Fire Seals Fund Raising Company (NFSF)". These are comparable to Easter Seals, Christmas Seals and the Smokey Bear stamps - given to solicit donations.

"Let's Get Associated" -- cinderellas numbered series of 200 stamps circa 1939 from Tidewater Oil (Flying A), with two small albums. Stamps were given with gas purchases and illustrated various secic spots in the US.

One of the most interesting aspects of these is that the stamps tend not to state a year, but only start/end month and day, so a lot of detective work was done to figure out which stamp belongs to which year. Credit Tim McGinnis with a lot of the organizing work. Some of the later years just reused designs and plates with minor variations in color and/or some cryptic selvage information.

Any collectors with interests in these areas please contact me and we can share information.

January 2021 -- New year, new fun stuff, loose ends, old stuff keeps breaking. Life is still good.

November 6, 2019 - I think the new issues are pretty much caught up to date. Since I have to manually edit this html file to put in a new date, just assume that parts of the whole site are newer than whatever date shows above. Collecting is still fun. eBay is not so much fun - they keep messing me up. The most fun is being with my (now two) granddaughter(s). Life is good.

January 21, 2014 -- not much really new - I'm behind on putting in new issues, and there really were more changed made than the 2010 date would have implied. Collecting is still fun, eBay is still fun, but most fun is being with my new granddaughter. Life is good.

March 29, 2010 -- Ira Cotton wins the "I have a Vermont Fishing Stamp" contest. Thank you Ira. Now I can ge more specific. How about NonRes Fishing series for 1-Day, 3-Day, 7-Day or 14-Day, and a whole group of NonRes "Small Game" stamps for comparable periods?

March 28, 2010 -- I'll do almost anything to avoid working on taxes... The current project is the area of hunting and fishing stamps I like best - The Text series. The stamps with artwork are beautiful, but the text series are the real challenge. Just figuring out what stamps exist/might exist/don't exist is a challenge. There is also the very real possibility of discovering stamps noone else has seen (or at least reported). This link is to a new portion of my website for anyone else with an interest in the Text Hunting and Fishing Stamps. I would be very interested in getting descriptions and/or scans of any stamps not adequately shown here.

September 5, 2009 -- I really do keep this site updated more often than the date above usually indicates. There always are more new stamps to catalog.

March 18, 2008 -- It is difficult to keep things from breaking. I just noticed that the images were too large, which I hadn't noticed since I last "fixed" things in January. Maybe this time....

January 18, 2008 - I just updated most of the catalogs - nothing major, just trying to get things consistant. I am still happy with for stamp sales. Paul keeps making solid improvements. There are over 300,000 stamps for sale there and the site still has crisp performance. The fees are reasonable, especially not having a listing fee, so you pay nothing until a stamp sells. The only minor drawback is that the only payment method is PayPal. I really like PayPal, but not everybody does. I have listed about 3,500 hunting, fishing and duck stamps for sale there - sales are not as exciting as eBay, but are solid.

April 21, 2006 -- I really have been keeping the catalog pages more up to date than the "last changed" date would have suggested, but now I'm moving it to the website where I have a lot more space for pictures. I hope it will be easier to keep updated, but time will tell. As always, if you have information about additional stamps I have not described or shown, please let me know. Howard

December 15, 2003 -- Well, Auctionworks was a good try, but they kept "improving" the site until it became impossible to use.  A few weeks ago, I started working with Paul Herman and his new site, and I am very excited about the results.  Every time I found a glitch or suggested an improvement, it was fixed nearly before I asked.  His site has great potential as a marketplace specifically designed for stamps.  I love eBay and will continue to auction stamps there, but the Stamps2Go site allows me to structure a storefront with no charges just for listing items - a reasonable sales comission is charged, but only after the item is sold and paid for.  I currently have about 3,000 items listed on this site and expect to add 1-2 thousand more in the next week or so.  Stamps can be searched for by catalog number or key words in the description (such as stamp artist).  Here is a link to my New-New Storefront at - this is an attempt at a User-Friendly interface to the Stamps2Go site that uses the "frames" feature in your browser.  If you have difficulty with this, or simply prefer the simpler approach use Either way, I would very much like to know what you think of this method of buying stamps - I really like the idea, but other people see things differently. I have tried to link the items in the Reference Catalog on this website to the items for sale at Stamps2Go.  I plan to have all items priced at $25 or more be illustrated with a scan of the exact stamp being offered, rather than a generic image for identification.  As always, I absolutely guarantee all stamps for complete customer satisfaction.

Please note that I continue to support this website as a reference catalog for collector information.  With my collector hat on, I am happy to discuss any aspect of hunting and fishing stamp collecting - selling stamps is merely the way I pay for my hobby.  Something new and useful on the collector side is that this website can now display high resolution images of each stamp.  For the moment, this is just done by clicking on the catalog number in any of the summary listings, but I expect to allow the small images to be clicked and display the large image from the other catalog pages.

June 18, 2003 -- Finally, something new to report.  In spite of the 2001 date that has stayed on the front page for the last 2 years, I have been updating the catalog data as new information and pictures are available.  I have now created a {Storefront on} to handle retail sales of fish and game stamps.  I have 500 or so stamps on the site now and am adding more daily.  In addition to the items I have been selling on eBay will be ones where I have only one or two duplicates and I after I get most of the regular stamps up there, I will be adding specials and licenses.  This site should be able to combine eBay auction purchases and storefront purchases and handle PayPal and other payment methods.

December 1, 2001 -- At long last, I have started upgrading the web site.  I had taken down the on-line catalogs to make more room for eBay lot pictures and to do some much needed updating.  For the next few weeks or months, things will change frequently, but should stabilize to a useful reference.

Happy Hunting - Howard Richoux



Although this "new-fangled e-mail" stuff works pretty good, I still haven't found a good way to ship stamps to collectors via e-mail, so I am focusing my buying and selling efforts on good old snail mail - our Postal Service. I try to sell via eBay auctions primarily, but I will be happy to quote individual stamps or series to collectors.

Only 25% or less of the 12,000+ F&G stamps I have cataloged so far are in stock(mine, or anyone else's), in sufficient quantity to list them with a fixed price and availability. I have tried to include price estimates for many other stamps and series based on auction results and retail transactions.

I am constantly looking for stamps to BUY or TRADE FOR, and will cheerfully provide value estimates from descriptions or inspection, whatever is convenient to you.

Once you have gotten past that first 25%, the best way for me to help you is with some kind of a want-list. Your want-list is not a comittment to buy, just an indication of interest. I can offer sellers more cash or value in trade for their stamps if I know of other collectors who are interested, so everyone benefits.

My mailing address is:

Howard Richoux
16770 S Kraeft Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045
United States