Text Stamp Groupings

This Spring 2010 work is oriented to gathering as many images as possible for the various text series to try to decide which stamps we KNOW exist versus what we think exists or what might exist, or what ought to exist. I am displaying them in both year order and sorted by series because there is useful information to be gathered both ways. These first series represent both Charles and my collections and there are still a LOT of holes. I would appreciate scans or descriptions of any stamps not shown here. Ideally a scan should be 200 dots per inch or higher and saved as a high-quality (85 or higher) jpg file or another format like gif or bmp. ANY description or scan is better than none at all. If you are providing information not directly from your stamps, please indicate the information source. Thanks - Howard


The HTML files are organized as a series of by-year images, followed by a group of by-series images. These should look fine on the screen, but printing is not satisfactory. The PDF files are optimized for printing - stamps are reduced in size enough not to waste as much paper, but resolution should make the text still readable.

PDF files -- optimized for printing (but much larger)

Technical notes: